Lite Ad Server vs
Free Ad Servers

We believe the advertising should bring the return on your investment. If you already got a nice banner space, you sure want to make the most of it! To do so, you should be in control over your ads, and an ad server technology lets you have it.

For those working with traffic sources closely, this tool is not a new thing. And it remains very helpful, when you want your ad campaigns to be more profitable.

With an ad server you can:

- choose which banners rotate in the ad space based on their performance;
- target the traffic;
- schedule the campaigns;
- see the real-time reporting, which helps your decisions on all the above.

It is rather seductive to save up some money on this tool though, as there is free software available. We get it, you already invested in the ad space. However, free doesn't equal efficient.

To clear why we think so, we simply took Revive Ad Server and other free solutions and compared them to what we could offer you at the very basic plan.

Take a quick look:
Ad Servers
Ad Server
Complicated installation and operation if you are not tech savvy (might require outsourcing).
Plain user interface for easy campaign management and real-time data tracking. Intuitive setup. Suitable for both experienced advertisers and beginners.
Robust server rental required as an Ad Server is not a lightweight solution.
No installation needed you simply log in to the website and have it all sorted.
1-server solution will increase the risk of downtime. If you decide to go for load-balancing, you will need an additional server & load balancer (meaning extra costs).
Lite Ad Server is a load-balanced solution running on multiple servers. We make sure you have no downtimes.
CDN for banners, on average, costs more than Lite Ad Server CDN.
Use our CDN network for less than other CDN providers offer.
No free support. You may use paid support from external providers though.
Strong technical and support teams ready to help during your trial and membership.
In case it fails to perform you knew the free thing tends to fail.
We make your investment work on you, and we strive to do it well!

So, in the end of the day, by saving up on the server you limit the profitability of your advertising. And investing into affordable, simple and high-quality solution can help you maximize the results while minimizing the effort.

Our basic trial, which is available now on the website, covers 100K impressions, and the access to the full functionality lasts 15 days. Give it a try and see how helpful the ad server can be.