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Lite Ad Server was designed with simplicity in mind. From creating the account to daily usage, Lite Ad Server offers an easy and straightforward solution. At all times, we have kept the 80/20 rule in mind: 20% easy-to-use features can satisfy 80% of your most important needs.

Precise Targeting

If you need to target a specific country, city or region, a Lite Ad Server is here with its big set of targeting options. Drill down even further based on connection type, carrier, device or the operating system, with more targeting options evolving every day to help you achieve the best ROI for your advertising spend.

Advanced A/B Testing

Even most experienced advertisers stick to old good A/B testing. Pinpoint that highest-performing ads and then do one better. Easy to set A/B testing will take your advertising campaigns to the next level.

Asynchronous Ad Loading

All ads are loaded asynchronously. This means you are not hindering the page load time which is very important for SEO results. An additional bonus is that your ads are visible faster so you can target your customers quicker during the page load time.

Real-Time Reporting

Take advantage of graphical and tabular reports on Lite Ad Server. Watch your traffic in real time. Improve the performance of your ads using powerful in-depth reports.

Look to the Cloud

Lite Ad Server also runs in the cloud, so your advertising campaigns do not miss a beat. And on top of that, the cloud solution makes Lite Ad Server unbelievably scalable to keep step with your company’s growth.

SSL and Custom Domains

SSL became mandatory these days. This means that also all ads are served via SSL (https) by default. If you want to use your own domain for serving ads of course it will go through SSL too.

Your Content Delivered: CDN

Swift ad delivery is crucial as potential visitors don’t wait for ads to load. Thanks to our CDN (content delivery network), your creatives will be loaded immediately from the server that is closest to your customers.

Affordable Solution

Lite Ad Server is specially designed to be cost and feature-friendly for smaller companies while scalable for large advertising agencies. This affordable price with all the mission-critical features is guaranteed.

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Why Lite Ad Server

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Covers the most important advertising needs - VAST, A/B testing, real-time stats among other vital features.

Use cases

Lite Ad Server is an ad serving platform specifically developed for your marketing and advertising activities.

Creative types

Lite Ad Server supports a host of different advertising types, giving you the tools needed to achieve your marketing goals.

Static banners

Animated banners

VAST video

VIDEO banners


Custom scripts

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* CDN is not billed if you are using just link to your banners. CDN is billed for all uploaded banners, HTML banners and custom scripts.
The price is $0.039/GB which is still lower than a majority of CDNs offered by our competitors.